Secretary General:
Zvonimir Lovrić, PhD, MD
Tel: ++385 98 281975

Address of the Office:
10000 Zagreb, Croatia
Av. G. Suska 6

Bank Account:
APMFVK, Zagreb, Croatia
IBAN:  HR5423600001102399354

Annual fee payment

Dear colleagues,
annual membership fee is 21 Euro per year and can be payed with your credit card.
This amount includes banking compensation fee, so your card will not be charged any additional expense.
Business bank of our Forum is Zagrebačka banka Zagreb, Croatia
IBAN: HR5423600001102399354
Credit card use on this web site is highly protected.
Your payment information will be visible to the treasurer of our Forum electrnically, so you do not have to send additional messages.
Thank you for your payment and time consumed to do it.